Grey's Anatomy - Ashes To Ashes

I'm giving up on these far-reaching previouslys. I mean, really? Meredith's mom died? I think we all remember that, right?

From the strange camera effects, lighting, and white scrubs, we can tell that Meredith is having a dream where she's walking down a hospital hallway, and as she walks there are flashbacks to her and Derek's difficulties. "Pick me. Choose me. Love me." Derek pulls her out of the bathtub. Derek pulls her out of Puget Sound. And finally him telling her that she's constantly leaving him. It's like having an extra "previously on" segment, just in case there wasn't anything they fit in the first time. DreamMere just keeps eerily walking down the hall. Her mother joins the Painful Flashback Fun by telling her how disappointed she is that Meredith is only ordinary. This is definitely not a good dream. As she walks into the Dream Morgue, her voice-over narrates. "There's a reason surgeons like to wield scalpels. We like to pretend we're hard, cold scientists. We like to pretend we're fearless. . . .

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