Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood - Season 1 - Episode 63 - Review: "The Other Side of the Gate "

The final arc of the series has certainly been one that has moved to epic levels and a big emotional chunk of it occurred in the previous episode with Alphonse essentially sacrificing himself so that Ed can have his arm back and use his powers to his full extent. Ed's taking everything he can against Father at this point, but even when he's down and nearly out there's always some way of gaining a bit more power to carry on. Considering the years he's been around, it's little surprise that he'd sacrifice everything and anything to continue on his quest.

And that includes a really strong segment right at the start when he thrusts his fist right into Greeling's body to try and take out the Philosopher's Stone from there so he can gain a bit more power. It's an epic struggle inside Greeling's body though as Ling refuses to let him while Greed goes on that everything was a lie to begin with and that he really wants to get inside of Father's body where he belongs, so he can try and end him in the way that only Greed can do. Greed, both as himself and as a part of Greeling, has been the best of the homunculi to appear in the series and the bonding with Ling really brought out a great side of him that made him so much more than any of the other homunculi. He truly became a core part of the cast as it went on and had some of the best stylistic moments of them all.

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