Tatami Galaxy - Season 1 - Episode 10 - Review: "Ep 10 "

With the tenth episode of the series, Tatami Galaxy turns its focus onto the actual world of tatami mats, to good effect at that. It opens to a lovely sequence where our lead discusses the variety of tatami sized rooms and why each of them are different and how he views those differences. There's a few quirky nods to it when he talks about people disappearing over the single tatami rooms that may or may not exist, as well as their friends disappearing. He also can't understand why people would want larger rooms than what he considers the ideal 4.5 tatami room as in those places, you can get lost easily and you almost feel like the room is alive in its own way where it would stalk you.

So, unlike past episodes, our lead spends the next two years of his college life spending the majority of his time in his room rather than joining circles and going to events that would lead him to all manner of trouble as we'd seen. It's a good life and he enjoys it thoroughly, but as time goes on he starts to do a bit off the deep end. He's not exactly paranoid, but there's a sense of things going on around him and he starts to hunker in a bit more than before. This part of the sequence is fun as it draws in more live action shots and backgrounds than we've had before to good effect, especially when we see him opening the curtains a bit to look outside. I've liked some of the live action bits brought in to previous episodes, but they were mostly minimal in how they stood out. Here it's more prominent but because of the small space it works very well.

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