Bleach - Season 15 - Episode 285 - Review: "The Hundred-Year Grudge! Hiyori's Revenge "

Having enjoyed the early episodes of Bleach when it started on DVD here and having made it up to episode 109, I decided to do what I did with One Piece and jump into the latest episode to see what would happen. It took a bit to get a handle on One Piece but it worked out well for that show. So with the DVD box sets rolling out, I'm jumping ahead nearly 200 episodes to see what's going on in the world of Bleach today. Part of me hopes that it will help eliminate the sour taste left by the Bount arcs that I just finished.

Aizen has decided that the Espada can't accomplish what he wants as their combined strength has them still coming across as inferior to him, so it's best to just dispose of them. There's some nice shock and horror at such an outcome from one the last Espada to fall which sets the tone nicely, but then the show goes into a bit of a goofy comedy routine on the ground with some other characters as Mashiro battles it out with a decidedly creepy guy. It turns serious though as it progresses and Mashiro is actually threatened by the whole situation. She gets pretty beaten up but manages truly severe damage as Kensei steps in just in time to rescue her. He's amusingly stoic as he intends to go avenge her without it actually being called that since he just wants to pummel the cocky kid.

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