Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood - Season 1 - Episode 60 - Review: "Heaven's Eye, Earth's Door "

After the choice that Mustang was forced into in the previous episode, it ended in a way that's truly cruel for him as he's had his sight taken from him at the time when things are their most dangerous. It was a key move that was of critical importance to Father as it now has all five of the Sacrifices present and accounted for and having lost something important to them. As important and disturbing of a move as it was, it's one that also changes the game a little bit as Ed realizes that Mustang's personal gate was forced open and that gives him some ideas. It doesn't hurt that they can use their alchemy down here now as well.

One of the more interesting fights of this final arc has been the battle between Bradley and Scar as the two of them are incredibly intense in their actions. It's interesting that Bradley has shuffled off most everything of his self at this point, giving in to the primal need to fight and to do it to the death if necessary. Scar was much like that at the beginning of the series with his sense of purpose, but he's now at the interesting point where he's fighting for something more and has allies in that fight. It's not quite a reversal of positions, but one where he's changed a fair bit since he first attacked within Central and started to kill State Alchemists.

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