Sora no Woto - Season 1 - Episode 8 - Review: ''Phone Duty - We Have an Emergency""

Soranowoto from the start has been a show about the atmosphere and mood more than actual plot or anything, as we're following the characters as they explore their lives in the military outpost of Seize. It's not a show with big action moments, though we've certainly seen a few, as it wants to be more personal and intimate than anything else. Sometimes this works really well, such as the first episode that introduced us to a beautiful city and its surroundings, while other times it falls pretty flat and dull like this episode.

This time the drama revolves around waiting for the phone to ring. Seriously. The entire plot concept for the episode is that Kanata takes on the duty of waiting for a test maintenance call from HQ for the high-level emergency phone line that the fortress has. Phones aren't common occurrences anymore in this age and Kanata has never actually used one so it's a huge deal for her and she's taking the whole thing very seriously as she's assigned watch duty while everyone else goes off to other places to deal with various assignments, including Filicia returning to HQ to deliver some important reports.

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