Rainbow Episode #09 Review

Rainbow managed to hit a really high note in the previous episode with the escape planned by Scam and the way it played out. With several of the boys on the outside now, they have to find someplace to crash for awhile to get Sakuragi back on his feet after what happened to him. Luckily, they've managed to find a really good ally in the nurse, Setsuko, who has quite a lot of affection for Sakuragi. Not only does she tell them to head to an abandoned house that her relatives used to have but she also brings them clothes and food as well as some bandages to help Sakuragai get through the night and start on his recovery.

At the reformatory, life there is definitely set to be difficult for those who didn't make it out. Scam, Soldier and Cabbage are all facing a lot of increased abuse from Ishihara and Sasaki because of the escape and the punishments are getting severe. All three are intent on surviving it though because they have the belief that they won't get killed, so they intend to survive the year that they have left to spend there. But Ishihara has been pushed over the edge because of what's happened, he did kill another guard after all, and he wants to end these three remaining collaborators completely. Bringing out the same kind of punishments he used on Sakuragi is going to make it difficult for these three to survive since no matter how strong they are, they aren't Sakuragi.

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