Naruto Shippuuden - Season 4 - Episode 149 - Review: "Separation"

Naruto, still searching for Shiranami, arrives at Shiranami's cabin and is captured by the bandits. Hotaru finds that Utakata has left wondering where he's gone, and stumbles upon a man who claims to be Shiranami. He tells Hotaru his story about wanting to fulfill the clan. Believing Shiranami's story, Hotaru writes a parting letter addressed to Utakata on a carrier bird to leave Mount Katsuragi. Shiranami, however, felt that this would be troublesome so he releases a jutsu to intervene the carrier and captures Hotaru.

Utakata, who noticed the carrier being attacked from his bubble, saved the bird and found a note left by Hotaru. He goes looking for her, arrives at the cabin and helps Naruto escape and drives the bandits away with his intense chakra. Shiranami and Hotaru arrive at the village and he has taken control of her and the villagers and takes her with him to unseal the Forbidden jutsu. Naruto and Utakata track Shiranami and Hotaru to the village, but are attacked by the villagers and the bandits, who stall them until Team 7 arrives. The Team tell Naruto and Utkakata that they will handle the villagers and bandits, and for them to save Hotaru.

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