Strawberry 100% - Season 1 - Episode 12 - Review: "Summertime"

Strawberry 100% is moving along with its film club side of the story pretty nicely here as the club has grown a bit and they're working well on their plans for this school year. Tojo has created a solid story for them to film for competition and Manaka is really inspired by it and wants to make it even better in how it will come out in film form. He's working hard on the storyboards for it, even late into the night when Yui wakes up in his bed and almost strips out of habit. Where it's getting complicated though is in the casting of the characters as Kitaoji is using her aggressive nature and feminine wiles to make sure she gets the role she wants. And it doesn't hurt that she likes to grind up against Manaka anyway.

In the midst of it all, Manaka is having a debate with himself about how difficult it is to get this made because of his nature .While he wants to do well by Tojo and her script, he's finding that the casting is problematic because he doesn't want to hurt Kitaoji. And while struggling with that, Misuzu has no issue in telling him that it's going to suck no matter what because he's just so wishy-washy in general and a director needs a lot more decisiveness when it comes to things like this.

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