Legends of the Dark King Complete Collection Blu-ray Review

Based on the five volume seinen manga series done by Youkow Osada under guidance from the original creators, Legends of the Dark Kings is a thirteen episode series that tells the tale of Raoh. For better or worse, my experience with the Fist of the North Star world is pretty haphazard, but I've come to appreciate it quite a lot after the far too few volumes we saw of the Raijin release earlier this decade. My appreciation of the show is far different from my derision of it back in the early nineties when I was first exposed to it as it had a lot of what I wasn't looking for in animation or anime at that time, especially without the context of the original work.

Legends of the Dark King brings us to that period before the original TV series to show us how Raoh began his rise to power and built his kingdom. The structure of the "family" that has grown under Ryuken is certainly confusing at times, but essentially several adopted brothers have undertaken various paths to become the successor, the savior that will be the true Fist of the North Star. To reach that, each has to find the right path to it that will give them what they need. For Raoh, he's intent on bringing this violent and uncontrolled world to peace through force and fear as he believes that this age needs a demon. Years after the nuclear fallout has devastated so much, he finds himself in the position to truly begin achieving this goal along with the help of the brother/sister combination of Souga and Reina.

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