Dragon Ball Season 4 Collection DVD Review

Sometimes I feel like I shouldn't like this show, but a lot of that stems from the Dragon Ball Z franchise which is a whole other beast. The faults of this show tends to be a bit more in the area of repetition, which in this case is that we are once again at the Tenkaichi tournament. The fights have made up a good part of this series overall and it can get a bit draining to see us back into that routine again. That said, this tournament does add a little more flavor to it that we've seen and it leads into one of the better arcs of the franchise, one that will end up launching one of the biggest characters of the series overall.

The Tenkaichi tournament has come down to the last couple of matches before it reaches the ultimate fight. The pairings are pretty good though as we have Jackie Chun going up against Tenshinhan as well as the really fun one involving Kuririn against Goku. When it comes to Jackie and Ten, the whole thing revolves around Jackie trying to show Ten that he's following the wrong path under the Crane Master and he has to realize it. Ten's so focused on being the strongest at this point and doing anything to achieve it that he can't really understand what Jackie is trying to say. Jackie, as Muten Roshi, has a larger goal here that starts to take shape as he's really quite pleased by what he's been seeing with the tournament and in Ten, Goku and Kuririn. His past as a fighter comes to light later in the set, but what he's so pleased about is that there are so many people that can take up the mantle that he and the Crane Master once held.

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