Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood - Season 1 - Episode 46 - Review: "The Creeping Shadow"

It's now springtime, and Miles forces have arrived in Resembool on their way to the East. While they're there, Miles smuggles Winry back home in a water tank, and she initially finds her house empty. When she goes up to her room to change however, she finds Ed eating there, and the commotion causes Greed, Heinkel, and Darius to appear. Winry ends up kicking them all out, and after expressing how worried she was about him, she informs Ed that Al is at the train station with Miles. Pinako then returns, and Ed and company explain the situation to them. Ed also needs some auto-mail maintenance, and while she's doing so, Winry tells him about what's going on now in Lior and how Hohenheim already went to Central. Ed wants Winry and Pinako to leave the country as a precaution, but Winry feels that he should be trying to stop whatever might happen and makes a plea for Ed to protect the country and get his and his brother's bodies back.

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