Hetalia: Axis Powers - Season 1 - Episode 9/12 - Review: "Episodes #09-12"

World War II continues to move right along and the Allies are starting to get their act together, though it's all with U.S.A. setting things up so that he's in charge. His grand plan is quite amusing as he wants everyone else to be his backup. When they actually ask what the plan is, it's just for him to be the Hero and that's it. Suffice to say there are plenty of issues that go around, from how well scones are made to the American independence and the debt that's forgotten there while China slips in and sort of takes over a little bit. What's most amusing is that France gives everyone grief for their less than good looking uniforms only to be accused of being another Italy. Nothing is more damning than that at this stage.

When the second meeting is commenced, Frances is kept out of it and we get treated to a flashback of the last thousand years or so of his history. His view is that he's very strong, but every situation that comes up either has him falling for terrible traps, being led by a woman or having him beating up someone so puny or already beaten down that he really comes off poorly. On the flip side, Italy is finding himself totally out of the loop in the flashback scenes to an earlier time as he's happy at first to be living with everyone but is becoming tempted by the offer of the Holy Roman Empire to be a part of it again. The temptation comes in that Austria is becoming much quieter and wanting to be alone and things just don't feel right where he is. But Italy worries of what happened to grandpa Rome in the past happening again in the present.

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