Durarara!! - Season 1 - Episode 23 - Review: "Complications and Confusions"

The struggle between the various forces in Ikebukuro has taken some odd turns, but even more so now that Mikado has done his best to try and end things in the way that fits with the beliefs of the Dollars. The fallout from that is starting to hit though as Kida grapples with the issues involved with it, such as what Mikado and Anri were really up to, but also the fact that someone in the Yellow Scarves figured it out and has managed to oust him from the leadership position of it. A definite advantage that Mikado has over the Dollars in being essentially a leaderless and formless group of people that set out to do good things.

The other interesting bit of fallout from everything is when Shizuo arrives at Celty's place all bloodied up and wounded. He's had a rough time in dealing with people and he's intent on getting a whole lot of revenge on the Yellow Scarves and on Kida in particular for his apparent role in the kidnapping of Anri. He's doing his best to get back on track while Celty herself is off with Mikado trying to get him to understand what it is he really has to do. Mikado has become so wrapped up in dealing with the troubles between the Yellow Scarves and the Dollars that he's lost his real focus, which is to make sure that he himself is doing alright and his problems are as taken care of as they can be.

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