Cross Game - Season 1 - Episode 3 - Review: "Properly? "

As their junior high school days move right along, a small blast from the past comes out of nowhere as Ko learns that some of his friends from elementary school want to get together for a game. While Ko initially thinks it's a great opportunity to sell uniforms, it's also a chance for his friends and everyone else to just have a whole lot of fun with a simple sandlot game. Ko's still not all that sure what he wants to do but he continues his batting practice while his teachers are urging him to actively get involved with some sports club since he's a fast runner and has great grades when it comes to gym class. He's still playing baseball some, but he hasn't made that transition to playing in school yet.

What turns out to be surprising is that while most expect him to be pretty good with his batting since he does it so often and holds himself in high regard for it, he's also turning into quite an amazing pitcher. The warm up session with his friends and with Nakanishi catching while Ko pitches really highlights this. His pitches are professional and clean, enough so that Nakanishi doesn't want to catch for him since it's too intense. When Ko promises that he'll pitch for real during the game, it just makes Nakanishi all the more surprised and shows again just how naturally talented Ko is while also making sure the viewer understands a lot of it comes from repetitive practice as well.

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