Cross Game - Season 1 - Episode 1 - Review: "Four-leaf Clover "

Based on the manga of the same name by Mitsuru Adachi which began in 2005, Cross Game is Viz Media's latest attempt at bringing out a sports show to US fans. The show may not have any more of a chance than some of their other attempts, but it is noteworthy because it's from Mitsuru Adachi who has some name recognition with fans over the years because of Touch or the manga Short Program which brought a lot of the authors short stories together. Sports shows have a hell of a hard time in the US, which is unfortunate, because there are so many good ones. While I'm not huge into sports, I love sports anime and the creative ways that they're done, whether outlandish or highly technical.

The series starts off by focusing on elementary students Ko and Wakaba. Ko's kind of a special kid in a way as he suggested that the class form a baseball team, named the Doors, but it turns out he has little interest in playing on it. He just wanted to get the uniforms made since that's what his family business is all about and he gets a bigger allowance when he brings in business like that. Ko does end up getting involved with the team though after an incident after school where he's giving Wakaba a ride and the toughest kid in the class sees that and doesn't like it since just about every boy in the class has a crush on her as she's considered the cutest in the whole grade. In order to get away from him and his two tough as nails friends, he ends up sliding down to the baseball field where he starts to play.

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