Casshern Sins Part 1 DVD Review

The feature opens with Casshern confronting a young looking girl named Luna and proclaiming that he is going to kill her. It is a quick piece before the opening song and becomes a common thread through this set as the scene appears at the beginning of all the episodes with some of them giving more detail into the progression of this event. The story then shifts after the opening with Casshern fighting a robot and winning with little effort. A cloaked figure crossing the dessert has a monologue explaining that the world started down the path of destruction from the moment Casshern killed Luna. From there the story returns to Casshern who is facing an army of robots who all want to kill and devour him. His battle is watched by Lyuze who has an agenda of her own and a score to settle with Casshern. Casshern confronts the last enemy robot facing him and learns that the robots are affected by something called “Ruin” which will eventually destroy them. There is a rumor however that devouring Casshern will grant eternal life which leads into the main focus for the story as Casshern is confronted on almost all sides from those who want him dead for causing the ruin to happen and those who believe the rumor that devouring Casshern will save them. Casshern also demonstrates that his grip on reality may be a touch tenuous as he has a wound that appears and disappears and he then seems to be warped out of shape and screams in agony.

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