Baka and Test - Summon the Beasts - Season 1 - Episode 11 - Review: "Long-standing Rival"

So, we return to the one gimmick this show has: an inter-class war. This time, Class F has decided to attack Class D. Yuuji has a strategy... but then we've discovered how good a strategist he actually is after his loss to Class A. Yet perhaps we should not be so quick to dismiss him. It seems something has changed in Yuuji. While he used to be a complete slacker, and an idiot, this time he was thoroughly prepared for the opposition. Class D figured out, correctly, that Class F would engage in an all-out attack using Mizuki Himeji, their one A-rank student. This, however, would leave their own Class Representative Yuuji, who is somewhat akin to a flag in capture the flag, unguarded. Thus, Class D's strategy was to let Himeji commence her attack, and then ambush Sakamoto, whose test scores have apparently been on a steadily downward path for the past several exams.

Except... Yuuji shows some knowledge of strategic thinking, as he deliberately leaked his exam results of the past several tests, but not what his score was on the most recent one. The one he actually studied hard for. Since student avatars' power is based solely on the latest test, that is only one that counts, and when the Class D ambush squad appears, he is more than able to defend himself against them.

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