House of Five Leaves - Season 1 - Episode 10 - Review: "Dirty Stray Cat "

Money is slowly but surely becoming less of an issue for the members of the House of Five Leaves so they're becoming less interested in the kidnapping business that Yaichi can't seem to shake. Yaichi is still bringing in those jobs though and he has a new one lined up that he need Masanosuke for. Masanosuke for his part though is still pretty much an honorable guy as he states he won't use his sword for this business. His size and general frame goes a long way towards making him useful though when he works at Yaichi's side since he adds a bit of menace to the event.

Te latest kidnapping event goes well and the young man is brought in, though the situation is bad because his family obviously doesn't want him as they don't pay the ransom. In fact, they've given money to kill him since he's not of true blood to the family which makes him problematic. The whole event is awkward because of this since you have those who don't want to do anything with it, but it's speaking more about Yaichi's real intentions with all of the kidnappings. Masanosuke can't help but to believe that Yaichi is going through all of this to save others through somewhat subtle ways. If true, it's still something that isn't clear to everyone and even if it was, it's not clear that they'd help out with this kind of endeavour.

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