Shin Koihime Musou - Season 1 - Episode 11 - Review: "Bachou Tries To Hold It In "

As we begin, it seems that the plot has decided to take over for the moment. Ukitsu, the evil sorcerer who has control over the magic book, the "Crucial Keys," is walking through a dark passageway, headed for somewhere. We can tell he is up to no good simply from his expression. On the other hand, Kaku, Shuutai, and Kayuu have successfully rescued Toutaku from imprisonment, and are headed to safety away from the capital.

The Coalition forces now head for Korou Fortress, where Toutaku has taken refuge. As they approach there, however, Chouryou, one of Toutaku's best fighters, emerges from the fort and challenges the assembled generals to fight for the white flag that she is carrying as a token of surrender. Sousou consults some of her subordinates, and Rin Rin and Bachou argue over which one of them should face her, their qualifications being that one has the shortest temper of them all, the other boasting of being a muscle head. Yeah...clear thinking there all around.

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