Soul Eater, Vol. 2 Review

Classes are back in session at Hogwarts Dark Weapon Meister Academy (DWMA) in the second volume of Soul Eater as students and staff plow through the DWMA curriculum consisting of field trips, preventing the resurrection of the sinister Voldemort Kishin, and the most fearsome thing for students: Written exams.

The first volume of Soul Eater laid the groundwork where Dumbledore Death founds an academy to train students called "meisters" to partner up with other students who transform into weapons. Together the weapon/meister teams vanquish corrupted souls who risk becoming an evil entity known as a Kishin. Much of the first portion of the series is dedicated to teams collecting souls and defeating witches in order to upgrade the weapon into a powerful Death Scythe for Death's personal armory. The first volume also introduced Hermione Maka, Harry Soul (they're both the titular characters), Ron Black Star, Draco Death the Kid, and the rest of the star DWMA pupils with their unique quirks as they developed skills and camaraderie with each other that prepared them for something wicked that comes their way.

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