Grey's Anatomy - The One Where George Admits It

Let's hear what Meredith has to say to lead us into this week, shall we? "Doctors give patients a number of things. We give them medicine, we give them advice, and most of the time we give them our undivided attention." I have to say that I think "most" is being rather generous in that last clause. Izzie's been pacing in front of the elevators, while inside one of them, Lexie and Alex are making eyes at each other. A gaggle of interns join them and are exclaiming in awe, "I heard he saved a guy from coding yesterday. All by himself." Intern of unknown number: "He just knows things," et cetera. When they finally declare, "Best intern ever," Alex asks Lexie to whom they're referring, and when she tells him it's George, he starts to snicker, but she shushes him.

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