Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood - Season 1 - Episode 58 - Review: "Human Sacrifices"

With the return of the Fuhrer to Central, the fight sequence that has been the most exciting to watch is the one between him and Greeling. Greed has always been a fun homunculi to begin with but his merger with Ling in his quest for immortality has made him a fascinating character to watch. The battle atop the battlements has been intense as Greeling has gone to bat against him while having Fu at his side, reaffirming that much of Ling still exists within him. And those two are becoming even more intertwined as time goes on which only adds to the intrigue he gives off.

The loss of Fu has Greeling go over the edge in a controlled form, but it's a barely in control kind of thing as he's intending to dole out death anywhere and everywhere. But at the same time, some of what makes him Ling is in there as he gives his opponents a chance to quite before he gets to them and even puts the nod out there that he has no intention of fighting women. That still leaves a whole lot of stupid people though and he goes intense on them. Just as the battles were starting to wane, it all flares up against in an instant and Greeling is now at the forefront of it above ground. And he looks incredibly cool about it, even as the somber moments flow by when it comes to those like Fu and Buccaneer.

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