Guyver - The Bioboosted Armor: Complete Collection DVD Review

The Guyver is a long running manga series (been going since 1985) that has been adapted into two animated TV series, an animated movie, and two live action movies. This box set compiles the most recent TV series from 2005 which adapts the first 59 chapters of the manga. The end result is an anime that starts out a bit slow and then picks up the pace; but because the manga is still ongoing, the anime does not really have a definitive conclusion and instead acts as a prelude to things to come.

Sho Fukamachi is a regular high-school guy: goes to school, is a member of the student council, and has no real desires in life. One day, he is hanging out at a nearby lake with his best friend (and brother to his longtime crush, Mizuki) Tetsuro Segawa, who is a bit of a tech head. While discussing a school project of Tetsuro's, they discover a circular metal object, and though Sho thinks that they should leave it alone, Tetsuro's curiosity gets the better of him. But as he is checking it out, the object activates opening up and absorbing Sho into a powerful mecha suit. Though they are attacked moments later by some monsters, Sho's new suit takes over and easily defeats them. When it then disappears, Sho and Tetsuro decide the thing to do is to try to go forward with life as if nothing has happened.

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