Sketchbook ,full color's - Season 1 - Episode 2 - Review: ''Solitary Arts Club"

The world of Sketchbook is one that was definitely intriguing in its first episode as we were introduced to Sora and watched her go about town on an art project. Through that we got to see a lot of the different characters that populate the show as well as the town in general. Like a lot of shows of this nature, it has a very appealing soft and inviting look to it tied to rather gentle and relaxing music. With laid back stories, if you can call them that, Sketchbook is the kind of show that warmly welcomes you if you're receptive to it and you can enjoy and savor its soft embrace.

If you're not a fan of this kind of style, it could probably incite you to anger with the way it literally does almost nothing. This second episode of Sketchook has even less of a story than the first but it operates under the same principles. Sora starts her day off earlier than usual and decides to change from her normal routine as best as she can since she's such a creature of habit. That means leaving early, starting off on her left foot instead of her right and even getting off the bus a stop early so she can see different things than usual. All of this gives her a new view on everything as she discovers that the normal routines of others are also off today. Of course, those others are all cats as she spends her time naming and documenting them with how they've changed and how Mike in particular is not in the empty lot she usually sees him.

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