a Wind Named Amnesia/Invader Summer Novel Review

The first story contained in this book, A Wind Named Amnesia, focuses on a young man named Wataru, who we find wandering through a strange post apocalyptic world in ruins, filled with people who act like savages. While exploring the ruined streets of San Francisco, Wataru soon meets a strange young woman named Sophia who not only can still speak, but has an extensive vocabulary at her disposal. In the conversation that follows, we learn the reason the world is in this state. One day, two years ago, the minds of humanity were wiped clean. Civilization fell apart, and things quickly fell to ruin. According to Wataru, the only reason he was able to gain the knowledge that he had was due to a close friend named Johnny, who he had in turn kept his memories due to government experiments. Johnny had passed away after helping Wataru gain those memories, but before he did he pushed Wataru to travel the land and see how humanity has changed. Sophia, intrigued by the young man, asks him to aid her on her journey to reach New Orleans in ten days, and makes a mysterious bet with him that they will not gain a single companion on their journey.

After an encounter with a killing machine originally designed to keep the peace, the two depart and begin their journey across America. Along the way, they pass through grand locations such as Los Angeles and Las Vegas, as well as mysterious ones such as a strange town that provides everything for its residents and a natural park containing strange, giant animals. They also meet many people along the way and begin to learn how humanity has changed and yet in many ways stayed the same, and Wataru even begins to understand the reason behind the strange amnesia that struck humanity.

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