Weeds Blossoming into Marijuana

"Wonderful, Wonderful" offers just what the title claims, wonderfully dark. The concluding scene where the mall people are engaging in a dance sequence juxtaposes Nancy's current situation, an encroaching gloom that evidently lurks over her head. Just as she smiles, enjoying the gay atmosphere, Nancy suddenly confronts reality: the reality of being under the eye of her Mayor lover, and is immediately overtaken with uneasiness. She has been confined into a metaphorical prison, bearing the a baby that she conceived with the Mayor of Mexico. This realization of being watched not only displays the consequences of exposing the underground tunnel but also the humanistic qualities of those who fear. Botwin in that moment is caught in a metaphorical delusion when she delves into a euphoric escapism watching the shoppers dance, a symbol of the effects of weeds. However, reality immediately slaps her in the face and reminds her that she still has unsettled business as she spots her lover's henchman. Nancy has caged herself, clipped her wings so to say. This episode not only sets a darker, more mature tone for the series but capitalizes on the setbacks of betrayal. "Wonderful, Wonderful" was not only satisfying as a segue into the new season but takes on a more sophosticated approach with foreboding revelations yet to be seen. This series is evolving, essentially blossoming into a more pungent, powerful drama.


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