Tatami Galaxy - Season 1 - Episode 6 - Review: "English Conversation Circle"

The rose colored glasses are out again as our nameless lead has ended up in a new lucb, this time an English Language Conversation Club since it's one of the more prominent languages across multiple lands, and he wants to up his chances on meeting beautiful women this way. With his push into this particular club, he once again comes across the creepy looking Ozu who easily finds himself able to wheedle his way into the leads life and begins to twist and corrupt everything that he gets into. It's a very, very, very familiar routine at this point and there aren't any significant changes to the overall idea and you can feel yourself almost tuning it out some as we see it every episode.

Much of the overall concept is the same here as we see our lead going through the motions of trying to get close to a particular woman, this time Haunki of the English conversation club, and invariably things don't go well and Ozu gets involved in some way that makes it even worse. What's amusing about this one in particular is that because it is an English conversation club, we do get a fair number of lines spoken in English which obviously sound amusing, much as my own spoken Japanese would amuse a native there. These moments are relatively few though in the overall scope of the episode and it actually feels like we spend more time in the drinking contest he gets into with Jogusaki than the English conversation side.

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