Dragon Ball Z Kai Season 1 Part 1 Blu-ray Review

The Dragon Ball Z franchise has seen a lot of releases over the years in the US, most of which attract a fair bit of attention outside of the aborted singles that were done before they went for full season sets done in widescreen. I've watched the show from the Pioneer releases to the first DVDs from FUNimation to going back to the original series, then to GT and a slew of movies in between. I've read all the manga for both series which is what really made me a fan of it overall and gave me a better appreciation for the anime when I started in on that again at one point. I'm not a hardcore fan, though I'd love to see some new material, but I like the show well enough while easily seeing its faults

So along the way, Toei came up with a new idea for repackaging the show for release in Japan while bringing it to the eyes of new fans. With the show hitting its twentieth anniversary of the series ending in Japan back in 1989, what better time to take the remastered works and show it in high definition (upscaled and in widescreen on TV) in Japan and then sell some new Blu-ray releases. That might work in general, but at 291 episodes, it's a daunting process to be sure and not one that would really draw in audiences. So the idea that came up was to take the show, remove all the anime original material and condense things so that it's much closer to what the original manga series was like. With it being planned to condense it down to a hundred episodes, Dragon Ball Z Kai was born.

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