Bleach - Season 14 - Episode 260 - Review: "Conclusion?! Hisagi vs. Kazeshini�

Despite how all the other Zanpakutou get along with their Shinigami masters, Kazeshini is still trying to pick fights with Hisagi. Hisagi is able to handle him each time, but he refuses to settle this for good until Kazeshini faces him head-on. Kazeshini doesn't give up though and tries to ambush Hisagi during a Sword Beast battle, forcing Hisagi to protect some innocent bystanders. Hisagi ultimately knocks Kazeshini out of the way however, and while trying to catch up, Kazeshini instead runs into a Sword Beast killing a man. The Sword Beast is no match for Kazeshini, but afterward, the dying man leaves his baby in the Zanpakutou's care. The child gets in the way of everything Kazeshini tries to do, but he can't bring himself to abandon it, so he carries it around with him everywhere. He finally finds a shack to put the baby in while it's sleeping, but before he can attack Hisagi again, the baby's cries call him back. It turns out that a woman had found the baby in the brief period he was gone, and Kazeshini now protects both her and the child from another Sword Beast. Doing so makes him realize the meaning of protecting someone, and after leaving the baby to the woman, he finally goes to face Hisagi head-on. The two fight, and although the battle is fierce, Hisagi ultimately wins. As he falls, Kazeshini can hear the baby's cries in the distance and tries to tell it not to cry. Afterward, he asks Hisagi what they'll fight for now, and Hisagi answers that they'll fight to protect.

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