Occult Academy - Season 1 - Episode 13 - Review: "MAYA's BUNMEI"

Occult Academy started off with the premise that Maya's father died and that brought her back to the place she didn't want to be. With the revelation that he's actually alive and was sent away to search for the Key by the vice-principal, you can see Maya being a little unhinged by it as it changes some of her perceptions of the world. At the same time, she has come to grips with the idea that the world is going to go to hell in a handbasket based on what Abe has shown her of the future so that's probably the harder thing to deal with. And with what happened with Mikaze in the previous episode with what she was really all about and the revelations from that, her life has been dealing with a lot of ups and downs since she can to the academy.

Maya seems intent on mucking with Abe about things as well if the picture through the camera is accurate. With the graduation ceremony coming up, she's actually invited his younger self, aka Bunmei, and his mother to come to the closing ceremonies. Her reasons aren't clear at first, but you do have to wonder what could possibly go wrong. This action may be the root cause of everything though as we've seen that the future is unchanged, unless it's a parallel universe created by the changes made, and Abe wonders if seeing himself in the past, something he doesn't remember happening, could be the final launching point for the end times of the world. The panic in his head is pretty evident and the stresses of it, of potentially being the cause for everything, are like a shock to the system.

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