Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood - Season 1 - Episode 49 - Review: "The Love of a Parent and Child"

Over the course of the show, there's been a lot of growing done by the two Elric boys. Like most siblings, it goes at different rates and in different ways, but each of them have become stronger and more resourceful as they go along. A lot of the focus has been on Ed overall, but Al has had a good bit of growth in the last dozen or so episodes as the pair have separated up to pursue their goals through different avenues. Returning to each other again in this new battle, it's still difficult for Ed to think about his younger brother doing anything too dangerous. But it's Al that knows what he has to do even though his brother will be against it and simply does the right thing.

There's a fair battle against Pride that even has Greed admitting that he's quite the monster even by his standards. Interestingly, it does start off as a fairly strong violent battle as Lan Fan and the chimera are involved, but it takes a different turn when Al tells his father that he has a plan that may work better for everyone involved. That's one that involves dialogue as Hohenheim constructs a massive mountain in which both Pride and Al are placed, which removes Pride's ability to make his shadow creatures. The time spent in there between the two is intriguing as we do start to get some of Pride's background, including how his mother came to be and how he feels about at least some humans. Al's not exactly a master of debate or persuasion here, but he's doing what he can to try and stop an enemy that's far more dangerous than most others.

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