Black Butler II Episode #08 Review

With Alois in a significant amount of pain after his encounter with Ciel, he's struggling with it and going in and out of consciousness a fair bit. While Hannah offers to help him, he's in a state where only Claude can provide what he needs and he's becoming desperate. As the pain washes over him, his mind starts to slip back towards the past and we go to when he was a younger child and has quite the haunting tragedy occur. While going out to the river with his younger brother, they come across bodies floating down the river and a fire further upstream that has killed a lot of people, mostly those who he considered were cruel and mean towards them. Tragic though it may be, the two highlight the issues they have and their youth by dancing and being excited about it.

Alois' descent into darkness has him taken in by Trancy who is quite the disturbing old man who sees Alois as someone that he can totally lust after and savor every inch of. Alois himself is using him of course, urged on by the shadows that speak to him, with Claude being the one to highlight that Sebastian is the one who wiped out Alois' village. This comes close to the same time as the death of Alois' father and it puts him in an interesting position for dealing with things now. The information given to Alois when he's older and in control of the Trancy estate has him set for vengeance completely on Ciel as we see how Claude is using him for his own goals.

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