Royal Pains Sustains

A few thoughts i would like to share with everyone:

Witty, sarcastic, and absolutely enjoyable, Royal Pains transcends the stereotypical medical series with their concept alone. Having a doctor-for-hire is a new take on the fast paced heartpounding doctor shows, breaking out of the static trend of diagnosing patients in hospitals. Instead, Royal Pains sets itself away from the pack, having the doctor travel anywhere and everywhere in the Hamptons. The idea of having a concierge doctor is new and refreshingly unique, which catapults this series in the forefront of reforming doctor shows. Hank Lawson's likability translates on screen, having the audience relate to him on a down-to-earth basis. Mark Feuerstein's ability to convey his character's sincerity in his practice draws my attention to the show. His overall charisma as well as his believability makes the humor and wit even more pleasing to the ear. I am looking forward to the diagnosis of each new case and the solution to the moral dilemma stirring within Hank. In addition, I am hoping to see the blossoming of the relationship between Hank and his love interest, played by actress Jill Flint. With intriguing story lines supplied by the outlandish social elite, Royal Pains is a breathe of fresh air.

Personally, I think there is more to this series than what one may superficially glance over. Although this series is quite humorous, the underlying morality and ethics of medicine does come into play. For instance, the question of saving lives, in reality, does fall short of the idealized notion. The sad truth is priority and money come to play in the real world . Royal Pains tastefully tackles this dilemma in a clever way by having Hank get fired for letting an opulent patient donor die and hired by the same wealthy elite that caused him to get fired in the first place. I feel that underneath the comic facade, Royal pains emphasizes the superficiality of the world. It isn't the cookie-cutter shape that everyone envisions it to be. Hank gets hurdled many obstacles and although he establishes himself in the Hamptons, he encounters many dark aspects of medicine. When the Boris's old doctor mis-diagnosis the model by assuming the she had an overdose of cocaine, the series branched out into another aspect by highlighting the cynicism of many doctors who assume the worst of people. Hank, on the other hand, believes in the best of people, which may or may not serve to be his ultimate weakness. His modesty and honesty serve as honorable qualities. The way he actively tries to aid people capitalizes on the selflessness of the selective few in the world. Royal Pains may be a comedy, but it merits itself upon the nuances of life.

After watching this series, I can honestly say it has a nice flow and honestly, it is worthwhile. I enjoy the dichotomy of the practice of medicine.


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