House of Five Leaves - Season 1 - Episode 7 - Review: "Thoughtless Of Me"

The snows are starting to fall as Masanosuke and Yaichi head back to Edo now that the samurai has finally finished healing. The time the two men spend together is often some of the best moments of the show as we get Yaichi to reveal things. He's a very introspective person but one that shares almost nothing unless Masanosuke is involved since he finds himself so at ease when it comes to the masterless samurai. Both men are doing their best to live in the present at this stage and neither wants to think much on the past, but the past is catching up to Masanosuke. Probably because he moves so slowly.

The appearance of Yagi in Masanosuke's life is difficult for him at first since Yagi sees him when he's at a weak moment. As weak as Masanosuke often is in his demeanor, he still doesn't care for people to see him like that. Yagi seems to understand that and offers him an out, to train him one on one since Masanosuke doesn't like dojos, and that certainly has some appeal to him all things considered. At the same time, Masanosuke is continuing his own very mild inquiries into Yaichi's past since he's genuinely curious about it and wants to understand him, but like many things he seems to go about it the wrong way which has him coming off looking poor in his communication skills and approach.

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