Okamisan - Season 1 - Episode 6 - Review: "Ep 6"

As the series progresses, we've gotten a good look at Ryoshi and the kind of guy he is. While he stated off as a pretty decent stalker to begin with, he was found to be useful within the Otogi Bank club and has managed to slowly but surely get closer to Ryoko. But as he gets closer to her, seeing the side of her that she hides from many with that tough exterior, he's learning more and more about her. But a lot of her past still eludes him and learning that Ryoko has a past with the club president has him even going to Ringo to try and understand what it is, not that she'd divulge anything like that to her.

This brings us to Ryoko's past a bit where we see that the things that happened between her and the president led to her being somewhat ostracized, with the girls being catty in claiming that he must have dumped her. Ryoko gets fairly withdrawn after this but she slowly starts to come back to reality after Ringo is sent off to get some paperwork delivered to her and she forces herself into Ryoko's life, becoming a friend without Ryoko having all that much choice in it. It's definitely cute seeing Ringo making it a fact whereas Ryoko doesn't even think such a thing has happened. Ringo's persistence and personality does the trick though and we know how it works out as she worms her way into Ryoko's life pretty easily, which has led to Ryoko having other interesting friends, even as she's still a bit on the social outside.

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