Bleach Episode #290 Anime Review

The match-up with Tosen in the last episode with Komamura going against him after reflecting on their past a bit was pretty good, though a lot of it was more style than substance. But that's a big part of what Bleach is all about so it works pretty well. Tosen has a blank if solid look to him, though when you remove the ability to see into another characters eyes, you lose a lot of the emotion behind what's happening. With Tosen, that's a bit part of the point as he's pretty intense even without that based just on his actions. And Komamura really does make up for that as he takes things to the next level with his own abilities to take him down.

Part of this visual design though is amusingly dealt with in another way as the flashbacks show us Tosen when he was starting out as a Soul Reaper and even then he was spending all his time with his eyes closed because of his condition. Tosen is not a character I've had too much experience with, but seeing his past, the way he became a Soul Reaper and the reasons why he's changed as he has are interesting, but it doesn't come across in a completely convincing manner. But such situations don't always make sense when viewed from the outside. As the saying goes, a villain rarely sees himself as thus and feels justified in doing what needs to be done, something that others will not do even at the cost of other important things.

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