Naruto Shippuden - Season 4 - Episode 152/153 - Review: "Somber News/Following The MasterÃ?¢ââ??¬

Returning from the mission, Naruto recollects his strange encounter with Itachi. Itachi traps Naruto in his genjutsu after Naruto attacks him. He insists he is there to "talk. Itachi asks Naruto why would he want anything to do with a traitor like Sasuke. Naruto replies, "I am more of a brother to him than you could ever be. He continues that he would do anything to bring Sasuke home to Konoha. Naruto remembers conversing with Jiraiya about being wise to give up on Sasuke. Jiraiya states that Sasuke is a lost cause. Naruto then replies, if that is what it means to grow wiser, he will forever remain a fool. This he tells to Itachi too. That he will save Konoha and Sasuke with every fiber of his being. Hearing this, Itachi ends up giving Naruto some of his powers, hoping that he will never have to use that against a deceived Sasuke in the future. What did the now deceased Itachi wish to tell him? As Naruto ponders this, Kakashi makes an abrupt visit.

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