Durarara!! Episode #12.5 Anime Review

Following through on a promise made when Durarara!! really got going, Crunchyroll is back with the first OVA from the series which takes place in the middle and essentially serves as a good bit of extra material that's simply about the fun. Looking for some sort of key episode here is kind of pointless because all the material we really needed was in the series proper. These kinds of OVAs are meant to take us back to the characters after the fact, have a spot of fun with them again and remind us why we enjoyed the show as much as we did. And Durarara!! does that easily because it has such a fun and interesting diverse cast of characters.

Because of that cast, and the nature of the show, there are a lot of little interconnected stories going on about a bag that's gone missing, aliens and Celty's amusing fear of them which makes sense considering her origins. The bag is being sought after by a group of men in black which talks in standard very stilted English as they hunt it down and find themselves being tricked along the way, not all that intentionally at times. It's a comedy of errors involving an element of danger you don't often get in these kinds of shows because the English speaking folks are all bringing out their guns and shooting to get their goods back. It's only when you have a sequence like that that you remember that the show avoided guns throughout it.

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