Omamori Himari - Season 1 - Episode 8 - Review: ''Curiosity killed the cat"

Omamori Himari has been uneven in some ways because it's been a fairly mediocre show that has had some surprisingly enjoyable moments. I expected the show after the first episode or two to descend to blandness and banality but they've managed to maintain my interest just enough to keep checking it out to see what will happen. The introduction of Kuesu added a little more potential to the show but they went with a costume design that's been overused for years unfortunately which in turn minimizes her effectiveness.

The last episode did bring Kuesu and Himari to a duel between each other, one that put Himari into a bloodthirsty mode that has been talked about but not fully seen. Her reactions were interesting and it was good to see her go to that level, but the fallout aspect of it has to happen with Yuuto being there to try and calm her down when she takes a special medicine that will help. Himari's cat-like playfulness has had its fun moments throughout but it's a big focus early on here for 'plot' reasons so the catgirl fans of this show will definitely love it. It's a good moment of lightness after the more serious material but it's still pretty much what you'd expect to happen. But that sort of sums up Omamori Himari in general.

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