Hikaru no Go - Season 1 - Episode 54 - Review: "Episode #54"

Hikaru's offering to Sai for a match against Meijin is certainly something he thought would be ideal, but it's turned into something more as Toya has said that he'll retire if he loses to Sai. With some words exchanged and Hikaru saying things that are taken differently by Toya, Hikaru has damaged himself in dealing with the man but has still gotten the match setup for a week from now with a three hour time period for the two to play in. Sai has been aching for this day to come and now it's ever closer for him to finally play against a real master of the game.

With word that Meijin is now playing on the internet, people are talking more about the pro since they're able to see his games more easily. That attention is also drawing attention back on Sai as he hasn't been online in months and months but the time he was there has left a definite impression. Meijin is enjoying his time online but he's still making sure to get out for the match against Ogata and returning to the hospital afterward to continue his recuperation period. This gives him a bit more of an aura for those that follow the world of Go, not that he needed to be thought of even more highly at this point. You can sense some frustration boiling under the surface within Ogata over all of this though as even more attention is being placed on Meijin while he's trying to play his match.

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