Rainbow Episode #14 Anime Review

There's something disturbing about someone like Sasaki thinking that with the things he's done he can get away with running for public office, even at a time when so many things were swept under the rug. Considering what things people did during the war and afterwards to survive, there's bound to be plenty of dirty secrets out there and people who will want to expose them. Sasaki's running of the reformatory, the murders and the sexual abuse ranks high on things that will crush him no matter what if it gets out, which is why he's in such a sorry state of panic and depression now. Mario and the boys are intending to put him through his paces to face what he's done before and they've gotten him out to a quiet place to do just that.

The plan the boys put into action is cruel, brutal and entirely warranted as they put a kind of fear into Sasaki the likes of which he has never felt. The kind that could be very life altering in a couple of ways. It's a moment that also cements that things are done from the past and allows the boys to start moving on with their lives, to find their paths more fully that they've been walking on since getting out of the reformatory. For Mario, it's an important piece as he's been holding onto what Sakuragi did with Ishihara for awhile now and hasn't quite understood it until he faced him himself, which has lead to the way the group has decided as a whole to handle Sasaki.

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