Hell Girl: Two Mirrors Collection 1 DVD Review

Hell Girl had a positive run when it was released in single disc form from FUNimation, but it wasn't a show that performed well enough to merit picking up the second season. That show was one of the cusp series that came when FUNimation began switching to half season box sets and I've wondered how much that changing dynamic affected how well the show did, especially towards the end of the six volume run. After a hiatus with no real news for awhile, Sentai Filmworks stepped in and grabbed the second season, though much to the chagrin of many fans, it wasn't going to receive a dub. While I never listened to the dub on the first season, I still lament its loss for the fans of it.

The second season of Hell Girl in these first thirteen episodes are literally more of the same. The show has us following Ai Enma, a young girl who holds a supernatural office that involves fulfilling requests for vengeance from those who are truly serious about. Through a website that appears to select individuals at midnight, a name is entered for the one they want sent to Hell, and if they're found worth, Ai will meet with them over it. The meetings are invariably the same for the most part where she explains the covenant that they will enter together where if they untie the ribbon around the straw doll, the object of their vengeance will be sent to Hell straightaway. The person requesting this however has to pay the price of going to Hell themselves when they die someday. It's a difficult situation that seems to almost always draw people who are in such rough situations in their eyes that going to Hell someday is a welcome option to dealing with their issues for even a little bit longer.

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