Durarara!! - Season 1 - Episode 8 - Review: 'Transient Dream"

Durarara!! continues to be all about the connections as episode eight plays out, though the connections are small and subtle ones in a lot of ways. The subplot of the episode doesn't warrant too much discussion as it's setup potentially as we're introduced to an exchange student named Shinri. The cute blonde girl is traveling around Ikebukuro with a sign that says 'Lost Objects' on it and she has a sketchbook with her as well. She asks them what they're looking for, what it is they've lost, and each page is for a different person. Some are cute, others obvious but when Ryuugamine ends up meeting her we get a strong idea of what he needs in his life - connections.

The connections theme permeates the episode in general as it focuses mostly on Celty and her relationship with Shrina. She ends up with her first day off in 256 days according to Shinra so he takes the day off himself so the two of them can spend time together. Shinra's an odd duck even for an underground doctor but he's excited that she has the day off and wants to go somewhere and do something with her. Celty is still coping with the issues of her lost memories since she doesn't have her head, but with it being close by she feels like she's on the edge of rediscovering some of them. One of her introspective moments deals with emotions and she's started believing that the feelings she has in regards to Shinra may be love, but questions whether she can really feel like that as a Dullahan.

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