Shin Koihime Musou - Season 1 - Episode 8 - Review: "Enjutsu Orders a Monster's Extermination"

We open up with some girl wearing a feline costume (oh, so now we get furries? Hopefully not) dreaming of eating "loaches" (I think the translation needs to be QC'd a little more), and getting into an argument with her pet pink elephant. She bit the poor little critter's tail while in her sleep, but refuses to admit she did so when awakened by the peeved pet. The pet then runs off.

We then have two quick cuts to give us the situation of our heroines. Ryuubi's group has reached Nanban, and it's really hot down there, while Bachou and Chouun are stranded in a cave on Mt. Tai.

Anyway, this episode seems to be filled with quick scenes. In a short span of time, we are introduced to Ms. Furry Queen's (I'll get to her real name later) trio of subordinates, and then the production staff manage to fit in a quick bathing scene of Ryuubi's group, this time in a river. And boy, that sun must be really strong to create so much glare. It is only at this moment that Ryuubi and friends actually wonder what an elephant looks like. Sounds like they prepared very well for their trip. Of course, they couldn't resist the classic elephant = "something else" gag.

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