Slayers Season 4 Set (Slayers Revolution) Anime Blu-ray Review

I have a love/hate relationship with Slayers.

Eleven years after Slayers Try went off the air, the franchise has returned with a thirteen episode season called Slayers Revolution. During the time between the two series there were still a number of manga specials and light novels coming out, one series of which ran through 2008 when this series came out. Add in some of the OVAs and movies that came out after the TV series ended as well and there's certainly been no lack of Slayers material for the Japanese fan. With FUNimation's rescue of the original three seasons it was practically a given that they would get this release as well. Having marathoned all three seasons just last fall to prepare for this season, I was ready for anything they'd throw at me.

Except to learn that I'd like it a lot.

Slayers Revolution picks up after some amount of time since we've last seen the cast and most of them have gone their own way to their own things. Gourry and Lina have run into a real problem where they've realized that they've practically decimated the entire bandit population in their wanderings. So in order to make sure they have plenty to hunt in the future, they've opted to move on to hunting down pirates which they practically giggle about when we see them on their latest run in with a ship of them. This attack is watched from afar where we see that Amelia and Zelgadis have come to find them as they have a man named Wizer Freion with them who has asked for Amelia's help to find them. It's a cute reunion when everyone gets back together but it turns awkward when it's revealed that Wizer is there to arrest Lina.

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