Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan Episode #11 Review

The decision that Rikuo made has some unintended consequences right off the bat as he's quick to learn as suddenly he's now been assigned six bodyguards. And it's not negotiable at all, which leads to clichéd hilarity as he tries to go to school and everyone does their best to blend in, very badly, as they wear uniforms or other outfits that just stand out very poorly. Rikuo does his best to adjust to it but it's the kind of situation that's just silly on the face of it since bodyguards are supposed to be unobtrusive for the most part, especially when you don't want casual people to know who they really are. Not that yokai do things in a logical way at times when it comes to blending in with the real world.

Hence the Supreme Commander taking advantage of some upskirt viewing with a handy breeze.

There is a nice interlude that the commander gets to have with the resident onmyoji as the two end up sitting down together after she gets her food from a special sale. She's going through some serious soul searching issues after being helped by a yokai previously as it's weighing on her. She's got the grasp of their being good and bad yokai, but there's the core belief that yokai are bad regardless simply because they exist. She's got to reconcile that in some way to allow her to keep up her own efforts and mission. It's just amusing to see him of all people reassuring her that all yokai are bad and she must go forward with her job because it's a truth, for her.

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