Okami-san - Season 1 - Episode 11 - Review: "Ep 11"

With a small number of the Otogi Bank Club now captured, and undergoing torture of various kinds such as Urashima being overwhelmed by beautiful girls while Otohime is forced to watch it, Shiro's plans seem to be gaining some traction. His intent with getting Ryoko captured and letting her know that he's taking the rest of them down one by one, he's able to mess with all of them on some level while the ones remaining on the outside try to decide on a proper course of action, or like Ryoshi, train like he's never trained before in order to get physical on these guys.

Okamisan goes for the predictable route at this point as the Otogi Bank Club gang makes their move against Shiro by heading to the school and getting down and dirty with them. There's a variety to the cast that's been built up to be sure and they go all out against the Young Men in Black With Colored Shirts that are defending the place. Some of it is fun to watch as the little character quirks come up, and as the secondary group of captives makes their way out and tries to help as well since the sole focus is on getting Ryoko out of Shiro's clutches. The slow but certain push towards that inevitable conclusion plays out in a straightforward way here with no real surprises.

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