Asobi ni Ikuyo: Bombshells from the Sky Episode #12 Anime Review

This is it. We come to the final climax, the fight to retake the Catian ship and prevent it from crashing into the Earth, which would kill all of the Catians on board. Kio and the girls have a rocket ready to head out there, but a NATO army division is headed towards the Russian missile base where they are launching from. Antonia's Maid Army, armed with Catian weapons (which are non-lethal, they destroy inanimate matter), riding on motorcycles, attack the tanks and neutralize them. Yeah, sure. At this point, there is no point in trying to maintain any suspension of belief.

On the bridge of Kio's rocket, we have relationship angst playing out, as Manami seems upset by how close Elis has gotten to Kio. It all sort of explodes in tears for Manami after she tries to urge Aoi again to make her feelings known. To be honest, this is probably the weakest part of the entire show. Yes, watching a bunch of maids riding snow motorcycles, carrying automatic weapons fighting off an entire tank brigade and an air cavalry unit seems entirely more believable than the relationship arguments between Manami and Aoi. Why they would be fighting over such an average specimen as Kio is beyond all belief. There is nothing inherently wrong with Kio. He seems a nice guy. But he also has no outstanding qualities whatsoever that would make him a believable chick magnet.

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