Maid-Sama! Episode #07-08 Review

Still somewhat stunned by the kiss and the leap that Takumi took last episode, Misaki is a bit inattentive to her maid serving duties, dropping some glasses while serving customers. She's even more stunned when Takumi shows up, even though he should still be in the hospital after his fall. As if that isn't enough, Misaki gets a call from her friends Sakura and Shizuko, who have witnessed a fight between two students from Seika High and a student from the elite Miyabigaoka Academy. Rushing to the scene, Misaki stops it from getting worse, though there's something a bit off about the students from Miyabigaoka. They are wealthy, and they seem the type to like to rub their wealth in other peoples' noses.

The leader of the Miyabigaoka group demands that the Seika High students come and apologize to him at a later time. Misaki, finds out the real reason for the fight: the Miyabigaoka student, the head of their Chess Club, acted like an arrogant jerk, which led to the Seika High students hitting him. The next day, Misaki takes the two boys from Seika High over to Miyabigaoka, and Takumi decides to tag along. Once there, Misaki confronts the Chess Club head with his remarks which started the fight, and demands an apology from him. The Chess Club head, Koganei, says that he was justified in calling Seika High students "insects," and will only consider taking it back if someone beats him at chess. None of the Seika High students can play...except Usui says that he's played some when he was little. That Takumi is a man of many hidden talents, it would seem. Of course, Takumi is not at all frightened by Koganei's talk about being a great chess player, and instead acts his usual bored self. And wins. The Miyabigaoka student, however, does not take well at all to losing, and he refuses to apologize.

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